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Cedar Creek Blacksmithing

A family owned Blacksmithing outfit located in Fort Valley, VA

All products have a two week lead time.
Larger orders may take longer than the two week lead time.

Thank you for your understanding.

General Blacksmithing

Include items such as hinges, shelf brackets, nails, door hardware, sign brackets, tools, bottle openers and corkscrews, hooks, grilling utensils, fire place tools, pot racks, trivets, candle holders, house numbers, home décor, door knockers, boot scrapers, coat and hat racks, gardening tools, pipe tampers and scrapers, dinner triangle, horse tack, and more!

Historical Reproductions

Include hearth cooking supplies, door hardware, candle and lighting fixtures, hooks, fishing hooks, flint strikers and fire starting kits, fireplace cranes, tools, horse tack, wagon hardware, knives, gutter brackets and more!

Ornamental Blacksmithing

Include fire place sets, chandlers and lighting fixtures, shelving brackets and shelves, and more

A Quick Introduction..

Take a Class

Take a class to build on your blacksmithing skills! Start off in a basic class or if you have experience in blacksmithing, jump into a higher level class.

Shop My Products

I am currently working on building up an inventory but you can shop and see what I have available here! And of course if you have any project ideas in mind, feel free to get ahold of me and we can chat about making your ideas come to life!

Fire Set Detail

Featured Work

Let’s work together on your
next custom project

I love the challenge of custom projects. Have an idea of something that you want to see if it’s even possible to be made? Contact me today and let’s chat about it!